"My First Shapes (Black and White Books) " Bilderbuch für die Kleinen / Englisch


 "Introducing My First" ist eine Reihe für kleine Kinder, in der Farben, Zahlen, Objekte, auf einer besonderen Art präsentiert werden.

In "My first Shapes" geht es um Formen. 

Für Kinder ab 2.


 Introducing My First, a new series of board books that introduces children to basic concepts through simple yet bold graphic artwork.

Each title gently introduces babies to the first concepts of numbers, shapes, colours and words while developing basic image recognition skills. Many studies have shown that infants are stimulated by a variety of shapes and patterns. At a very early age, visual perception is still developing, and so babies tend to show more interested in high-contrast, bold, primary-coloured images.

 2 - 3 years old

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