"I love my India" Avinash Veeraraghavan / Mitmachbuch Englisch

"I love my India" Avinash Veeraraghavan / Mitmachbuch Englisch


Diese Buchseiten stellen uns das Land Indien aus der Sicht der Einwohner, aber auch der Besucher vor. Aus dem Aspekt des Ostens zeigt dieses Buch das Straßenleben, den Kitsch und die traditionelle Kultur Indiens. Voller Fotos und Collagen ist dieses Buch nicht nur zum betrachten, sondern auch um mitzumachen gedacht.

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Avinash Veeraraghavan 'I Love My India' is a visual journey through Indian cities from a rare non-western point of view. A witty and original account of street life, kitsch and popular culture, it combines the eye of the ironic insider with that of the curious traveller. The book moves through the spaces and signs of the city-both imaginative and physical-commenting on the complex and often surreal forms of human arrangements. The stories in I Love My India are non-linear. They invite the reader to tease out and re-invent their meanings. Photography/Design/Popular culture/ Architecture Softcover, 96 pages, Colour Co-published with Dewi Lewis Publishing "I Love My India celebrates and re-affirms our enduring love for ‘the street’." - Eye Magazine, London "In a realm of Calvino-esque echoes, the ‘invisible cities’ begin to unravel their presence…until the entire space is filled with accessories of powerful and resounding language…the sensitivity of a young visionary begins to speak out, articulating his own tongue in a seductive idiom." - Andrea Anastasio

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