"Issue 27- Inventions" ANORAK / Kinderzeitschrift Englisch


Dies ist die 27. Ausgabe einer Zeitschrift, die sich der Kunst des Erfindens widmet. Voller Beispiele großer Erfinder und Tips inspiriert uns dieses Buch, eine interessante kreative Welt zu entdecken.

Für Kinder ab 6 Jahren.



This 27th issue is dedicated to the art of inventing, to the most brilliant minds behind the most brilliant inventions and to the modern-day inventors who delight us with their fun creations.

We also reveal the essential tools you need to become an inventor (you know, such as dreaming gums, a no disturb sign and a cup of imagination tea, stuff like that.)

We have made some new friends, namely Pam & Tom but also Roy Edwards our official Anorak Poet, who every issue, will make us chuckle with his Alphabestiary verses.

We give you plenty of colouring pages, word searches, counting games and even share with you the recipe for the yummiest toffee cake ever! Enjoy!

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