"The Land of Neverbelieve" Norman Messenger / Kinderbuch Englisch

"The Land of Neverbelieve" Norman Messenger / Kinderbuch Englisch



Das Bilderbuch des Weltbekannten Künstlers Norman Messenger ist eine Art Sachbuch über ein erfundenes Universum, wo alles möglich ist: die Berge sind aus Bücher, die nachts Geschichten erzählen, es gibt Bäume mit Hände statt Blätter und die Fische fliegen wenn es dunkel wird. Der Autor nimmt Kinder jeden Alters in seine Fantasiewelt mit. 

Discover the extraordinary animals and plants found on the fantastical island of Neverbelieve in this exquisitely illustrated gift book by world-renowned artist, Norman Messenger

On setting foot on the island I was immediately spellbound. There could be nowhere else on Earth quite like this. Such trees, plants, creatures and intriguing people you would never believe. This was a place I had to explore and record… When Norman Messenger stumbled upon the Island of Neverbelieve, he couldn't quite believe his eyes: here was a world where chocolate grew on trees, mountains told stories, and fish flew in the sky at night. Here is your chance to explore the delights of the island from the Hamlet and the Flowering Meadow to the Magical Lake and the Spooky Dark Mountains.

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