"Mirror" Jeannie Baker / bilinguales Buch Englisch-Arabisch

"Mirror" Jeannie Baker / bilinguales Buch Englisch-Arabisch


Dieses Buch kann man von Rechts nach Links, aber auch umgekehrt lesen. Ein Buch, welches das Leben zweier komplett verschiedener Jungs beschreibt. Diese zwei parallele Geschichten stellen die unterschiedlichen Lebensformen und Sprachen, jedoch auch die grundlegende Gemeinsamkeit dar: Die Familie.
Ohne einen Erzähler, der uns durch das Buch führen könnte, haben wir die Möglichkeit, unsere eigenen Impressionen zu gewinnen.

Für alle Altersgruppen bestimmt. Auch für Erwachsene!




This innovative picture book is comprised of two parts, designed to be readsimultaneously – one from the left, the other from the right. Page by page, weexperience a day in the lives of two boys and their families – one from inner citySydney, Australia and the other from a small, remote village in Morocco, NorthAfrica. These worlds couldn’t be further apart, yet with the showing of the parallellives of the two families, we see a simple truth. We see that in the context of strikinglydifferent lifestyles, remotely different countries, landscapes, differences of clothingand all, the families are essentially the same. They care for each other, they need tobelong, to be loved by their loved ones and be a part of their community. The simpletruth is that even with all these differences, in the ways that really matter, we are allthe same. We are the mirror of each other.

This innovative dual-book format, effectively communicates the way people’sexperiences and values are shared, despite geographical and cultural differences.The essential story is conveyed wordlessly, while the short introduction and author’snote appear in both English and Arabic.