"Atop a Hill in Frostville" Daniel Frost / Kinderbuch Englisch


Ein Bilderbuch ohne Wörter aus England. Die Geschichte in diesem "Silent Book" beschreibt das Leben eines Jungen und seinem Hund in Frostville, einer Fantasiestadt. 

Für Alle Altersgruppen. 

Little Otsu Verlag


Our first children's book is by London-based artist Daniel Frost and will delight folks of all ages with its visual vividness and ingenious humor. The wordless story starts with a boy and his dog waking up to a sunny morning in the imaginary town of Frostville. It's too nice a day to stay indoors, but little do they know that an epic chase awaits them just outside the door!

Daniel draws inspiration from the strangeness of everyday life to conjure up exaggerated characters (be they elongated or stout, bespectacled or mustached) and inventive street scenes, all full of color and activity and detail. The book has enough action that it can be read over and over again with new discoveries to be made. And its wordless narrative allows room to create backstories, enabling imaginations to flourish.


Published by : Little Otsu

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