"The London Jungle Book" Bhajju Shyam / Bilderbuch Englisch


Dieses Buch stellt die Stadt London vor, begleitet von den fabelhaften Illustrationen des indischen Künstlers Shyam.

Für Kinder ab 6 Jahren.



Bhajju Shyam–a brilliant artist from the Gond tribe in central India–was commissioned to paint the walls of an Indian restaurant in London, and spent two months in the city.

The book that emerged from the journey is a visual travelogue of his first encounter with a western metropolis. With radical innocence and great sophistication, Bhajju brings the signs of the Gond forest to bear on the city, turning London into an exotic jungle.

This new and re-designed edition of the now classic book marks the tenth anniversary of Bhajju’s momentous journey to London.

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