" Alphamals A-Z " / Graham Carter / Big Picture Press / Kinderbuch Englisch

" Alphamals A-Z " / Graham Carter / Big Picture Press / Kinderbuch Englisch


A beautifully illustrated alphabet of the animal kingdom, brought to life with bold and stylish prints

From aardvark to zebra, this abecedarian collection of animals is sure to delight readers of all ages. Graham Carter’s unique illustrations blend printmaking and other art styles to create multilayered, textural pieces that can be pored over for hours. Each animal is also accompanied by a brief, lyrical description of its features.

About the Author

Graham Carter is an artist and print-maker who has been at the forefront of his industry for the last 16 years. As well as working in commercial illustration, with his work appearing in publications such as The Guardian and The Sunday Times, Graham is also a prolific printmaker with clients around the world. In recent years Graham has also worked as a Director with Animation Studio Ticktockrobot developing a variety of personal projects as well as commercial animations for a host of clients.

Graham currently lives in Seaford with his wife Alice, son Noah and Mr Bojangles the cat. He can often be found printing, sketching and making a mess in his studio in Brighton.

Reader Age: 2 -5  years old

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